ARK Patch Notes 232.x

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ARK Patch Notes 232.x


Ungelesener Beitrag von JasonCraneAdkins » Freitag 15. Januar 2016, 09:27

Current Version: v232.2
* Set Beer Crafting time to its intended speed: 6 hours!
* Fixed Dimetrodons drowning in shallow swamp water

* Beer Barrel no longer requires Beer Barrel to learn ;)

* New Dino: Dung Beetle!
* New Dino: Dimetrodon!
* Beer Barrels. Beer. Hangovers.
* Garbage Collector performance improvements (less stalls)
* Fix for disappearing Quetz'
* Fixed a memory leak
* Fix for remaining issue involving falling off your Dinosaurs! (/ passing thru dinosaurs)
* Battle Tartar & Enduro Stew can no longer be stacked (one cancels the other). Battle Tartar damage buff reduced to +60%, Enduro Stew damage buff reduced to +35%.
* Large Storage Box HP increased to 2400 and number of item slots to 45. Smithy HP decreased to 1500.

P.S. Server wurde gerade geupdated


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